Episode 4

Martin Weinberg for Bill Moran

In the 80's and 90's, the Cali Cartel was responsible for importing the majority of cocaine into the United States. Federal prosecutors went hard after the leaders of the Cartel. But that wasn't enough. In Miami, federal prosecutors also went after the Cartel's criminal defense lawyers. One of those lawyers was brash Bill Moran. He looked and acted the part, wearing cowboy boots and expensive suits. When Moran was charged with RICO, the most serious of federal crimes, he needed the best possible team of lawyers. He hired Martin Weinberg and Albert Krieger. 

In this episode of For the Defense, David Oscar Markus, who later represented the head of the Cali Cartel (Gilberto Rodriguez-Orejuela) interviews Martin Weinberg, one of the deans of the criminal defense bar, on what it was like to represent a criminal defense lawyer (Moran) who had extremely strong views on how the case should be tried.  

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